Bowman Center, originally built in the 1930’s and completely restored in the 1990’s, offers the 1930’s style of architecture with all the modern amenities. Situated on 18 acres in Spotsylvania County, one mile from downtown Fredericksburg, Bowman Center is halfway between Richmond and Washington, D.C. and two hours from the ports of Norfolk and Baltimore. Located within 4 miles of three exits of Interstate 95, the Bowman Center offers 128,865 square feet of warehouse space, 64,346 of office space, and a tank farm with 3.5 million gallons of storage capacity for lease.

The warehouse space is serviced by five rail spurs, has ceiling heights ranging from 22 feet to 40 feet, and includes an explosion-proof facility.

The office space ranges from individual offices with as little as 102 square feet to contiguous office space up to 6,045 square feet.

The complex is quiet, well-lit, well-landscaped and offers the most attractive rental rates in the area on comparable property, with rates significantly below those of Northern VA and Washington, D.C. For more information, contact Steve Schattgen at 540-845-6780 or Tom Cage at 540-370-1761.

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